Big Game Hunting in Nebraska

A whitetail deer looks at the camera from the hill he is on.Whitetail deer are abundant throughout the Cornhusker state, and some area consistently produce very large bucks due to the fact the habitat and food options are optimum.

In central and western Nebraska, there are also Mule deer. Mulies and whitetails will co-habitate too. There are many different options for you if you are looking for a Nebraska deer hunt, and NEOGA members will be happy to assist you.

A pronghorn antelope out in the sagebrush area in western Nebraska.Pronghorn antelope are found in the state of Nebraska, primarily in the west and central parts of the state. The pronghorn antelope hunt is a challenging one as they inhabit wide-open rangeland.

Pronghorn antelope meat can vary in taste based on where the animal is taken and what they eat. Antelope is a wonderful meal, and there are many ways to prepare it.

An elk wades in the cool waters of a Nebraska stream.Elk can be found both in the wild or on game farms in Nebraska. This is a hunt that requires great preparation as elk hunting in Nebraska is a true big game hunt requiring special tags and meat processing options.

Most of the elk found in Nebraska are in the western part of the state, near the Wyoming and South Dakota borders. Their preferred habitat is mountainous type terrain with an abundance of fresh water.

A bighorn sheep, a male ram, seen in the high country in Nebraska.Bighorn sheep are found in the western part of the state, and can be hunted only by drawing a tag via a lottery. You can download an application here..

The bighorn sheep is a special and unique hunt. When hunting bighorn sheep in Nebraska, come prepared and hope you bag a trophy. This will be a once in a liftime opportunity!

Additional season information can be found here. View the NEOGA members page where you will find information on their operations and links to their websites which contain additional details on their big game hunting trips. Or you can fill out our contact form and any member that has what you are looking for will get back to you.

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