Prairie Dog Hunting in Nebraska

A couple of prairie dogs hanging around the entrance to their den.Nebraska has prairie dog towns scattered throughout the state. While these little critters may look cute to some, they are actually a rodent and a menace to cattle ranchers.

Prairie dogs commune together in a series of underground tunnels and dens know as a prairie dog town. They are a problem because cattle can fall into a hole while grazing and break a leg and then will need to be destroyed.

A prairie dog shown guarding the entrance to his underground den.Prairie dogs are not hunted for food but for sport. They are a great way to get some practice in with long rifle shots as they are extremely jittery and a long range shot of a 100 yards or more is common.

People hunt for prairie dogs with a wide array of firepower, from .223 up to .300 or more. If you have a favorite big game rifle, it might be the gun you want to bring to practice sighting it in for longer shots.

Additional season information can be found here.

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