Ranching in Nebraska

A group of Nebraska ranchers hanging around one of the ranches barns.Ranching in Nebraska was the staple of the economic growth for many years. Wide open range and favorable soil and climate made for a great opportunity to develop large cattle ranches and farms. Many of these ranches still exist today and are continuing to thrive.

Many new technologies and enhancements have been developed over the years, but one thing always remains constant-hard work.

Nebraska cowboys on horses and ATV's rounding up cattle.Today's ranchers still depend on their ranch as a staple of their business, and some have opened up their operation for eco-tours and agri-tours to the public. These tours will let you experience a real working ranch and the hard work and effort that goes into every single day.

You may be able to experience such things as a cattle round-up, feeding livestock, calving, fixing fencelines, tending crops and more.

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