Small Game Hunting in Nebraska

A mourning dove perched in a tree.Although most upland birds such as pheasant, prairie chickens and sharptail grouse are considered small game, there are other species that are hunted in Nebraska that classify as small game.

The mourning dove is a bird that is hunted through out it's native territory, but it still remains in the top ten of most abundant by population. Mourning dove can be a great addition to any dinner table, and there are many recipes out there for it.

A sharptail grouse is seen in the Nebraska prairie searching for food.Jackrabbits are found throughout Nebraska, but not in the abundance they once were. The jackrabbit is very distinctively different from other rabbits found in Nebraska due to its overly large ears and body size.

Due to the fact that jackrabbit hunting is a specialty type of hunt it is best to inquire for addtional information first. The season is segregated from other small game seasons too. Additional season information can be found here.

A cottontail rabbit chewing on greens is a common site throughout Nebraska.The cottontail rabbit is the most commonly found rabbit in Nebraska. It also is a great small game animal that can make a great meal too. Though smaller than the jackrabbit, the cottontail is still a good size animal and a challenging hunt for any hunter.

The cottontail rabbitt prefers ground cover that is a mixture of open areas and dense cover. In Nebraska, fence rows, shelterbelts, stream edges, and roadsides are locations where this type of habitat may be found.

A common site in Nebraska-the grey squirrel gnawing on a nut.The grey squirrel is a common site in most every state in the United States, and Nebraska is no exception. In any area with an abundance of mature trees, they can be found hopping and scurring around.

Hunting for grey squirrel can be done with a smaller caliber rifle like a .22. Squirrel can be prepared a number of different ways, and there are usually many recipes on the internet for it.

View the NEOGA members page where you will find information on their operations and links to their websites which contain additional details on their small game hunting trips. Or you can fill out our contact form and any member that has what you are looking for will get back to you.

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