Turkey Hunting in Nebraska

A turkey hunter shows off his Merriam's Turkey that he took while hunting turkey in Nebraska.Nebraska is home to a very healthy population of Merriam's turkeys and also some Rio's. Merriam's turkey can be found in major river drainages and the pine ridges. Most Merriam's turkey hunting takes place on private land and ranches, and it is best to scout public land before hunting them.

The Merriam's turkey and Rio turkey will congregate in flocks, and within the flocks pecking orders are set by the dominant toms. Jakes and hens are a part of the flock, and can usually be found in the open as the larger tom's hang out in cover.

Another Nebraska turkey hunter with a large tom he took while turkey hunting in Nebraska.Because most turkeys are found on private ranchland and farms, it is best to schedule a hunt with a NEOGA member who offers this hunt. They have land managed for favorable turkey populations, and know where the flocks migrate to.

A NEOGA member who offers turkey hunting will have information for you on their success rates, seasons and tag information. They also will be able to tell you if you can combine a turkey hunt with another hunt too.

A couple of turkey hunters with their bag of Nebraska turkeys.Wild turkey has a unique taste compared to the domestic turkeys we are accustomed to for the dinner table. However, if prepared properly, it makes a fantastic meal. Deep fried turkey is also a great option for wild turkey, and with the various marinades it can really be a surprise addition to the table.

The tail, or the fan, of the turkey is a desired trophy. You can tell the older birds not only by the size of their fan but the by the size of their beard and leg spurs.

Additional season information can be found here.

View the NEOGA members page where you will find information on their operations and links to their websites which contain additional details on their turkey hunting trips. Or you can fill out our contact form and any member that has what you are looking for will get back to you.

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