Upland Bird Hunting in Nebraska

A Nebraska sharptail grouse on the prairies of Nebraska.Nebraska has many upland bird hunting oppportunities for you to enjoy. Prairie chicken hunting in Nebraska is a challenge for even the most experienced hunter. They are hard to find, skittish and extremely smart. Prairie chicken's inhabit wide open ranchland, rolling hills and other types of habitat.

You may also be interested in viewing the courtship and mating dance of the prairie chicken too. There are some NEOGA members who also offer this opportunity too.

A prairie chicken is seen in the Nebraska prairie searching for food.Another popular upland bird to hunt is the sharptail grouse. Sharptail grouse, sometimes called "sharpies", are a species of upland bird that present a great hunting challenge.

Sharptail grouse will roam from hillside's to prairie grass. Sometimes you will come upon them while pheasant hunting, but one thing is for sure-they are smart and flush in an instant if they get nervous.

A chukar out loafing in the sun in a Nebraska crop field.Chukar can be found through out Nebraska in natural habitat and also on preserves. This upland bird is a great challenge as they are fast and flush in furious coveys when found, similar to quail.

Although a smaller upland game bird, the chukar is one of the tastiest. It makes a great meal by itself or mixed in with other game birds. It also is a beautiful bird with its soft grey plummage and bright orangish beaks and feet.

A bowhite quail seen out in the sun in a Nebraska field.Bobwhite quail is another species of upland bird found in Nebraska. These "rockets" are known for their explosive burst from cover and in larger numbers. Quail are a great challenge to hunt, and most shots are usually at close range.

Quail can usually be found in close proximity to cover, food and water. Ideally tall native grass, brush and shrubs near creek beds, and food plots are excellent places to find them.

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