Waterfowl Hunting in Nebraska

A Canadian Goose flying lowNebraska sits in the middle of a major flyway for many different species of waterfowl, including geese and ducks. It is not uncommon at times to see tens of thousands of birds some nights during the migration season.

Waterfowl hunting requires a good and thorough understanding of the migration habits in the area you are planning to hunt, as well as decoys, a well trained dog and someone who can call them in close.

Canadian geese are flying agains a Nebraska sunset while looking for a place to roost for the night.Canadian geese are a common site throughout the state, and other species of geese found here included Blues, Snows, Brandt, Ross's and White Front geese. Each species has different physical characteristics and migration patterns.

Most hunting for geese is done in blinds or pits. Decoys are a must as they tend to follow the saying "birds of a feather flock together". NEOGA Members who offer goose hunting will have additional information on your waterfowl hunting needs.

A Mallard duck lounging in the grass near a rocky shoreline.Ducks are also very common in Nebraska. Species found and hunted here include the Mallard, Teal (blue-winged, green-winged and cinnamon), Pintail, Canvasback, and Wood duck to name a few.

Like other waterfowl found in Nebraska, each species has its own migration patterns and areas they inhabit. From lakes to streams to sloughs, waterfowl hunting in Nebraska presents many opportunities for you.

Additional season information can be found here.

View the NEOGA members page where you will find information on their operations and links to their websites which contain additional details on their waterfowl hunting trips. Or you can fill out our contact form and any member that has what you are looking for will get back to you.

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